Welcome to the SmartLife Experience

Smarter sleep for life starts by knowing how to control your SmartLife mattress. Learn everything you need to know here and if you get stuck, our live SmartLife Experts are a phone call away.

You have a SmartLife Mattress. Now what?

This mattress is loaded with features to help improve your quality of sleep. But first, do you have the SmartLife App?

Download. Scan. Sleep.

Simply download the King Koil SmartLife App which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Scan the QR code through this app to sync your mattress. Then get a great night's sleep!

This video will show you the proper installation steps.

You have the App, but how do you use it?

This app does everything from tracking your sleep data to adjusting your comfort. Watch the video for all the details.

What can your SmartLife mattress do?

  • Sleep Data

    Access your daily, monthly, yearly sleep statistics to review your quality of sleep

  • Adjust Your Comfort

    Make the SmartLife mattress softer or firmer to make it feel just right.

  • Smart Alarm

    The Smartlife Mattress has a Smart Alarm which creates a gentle wave motion to help you wake peacefully versus a traditional loud alarm clock.

  • Bluetooth

    Control your SmartLife mattress from any smart device through a bluetooth connection

Email or Call Us

Any questions or issues, email us at CONSUMER@KINGKOIL.COM or call us at 866-SMART18 (866-762-7818) between 7 am - 4 pm MST.

How to work the wired remote

If you purchased a SmartLife mattress with a wired remote, you'll find the remote is simple and easy to use! You can adjust your comfort preference and enjoy the relaxation mode. Watch this video for easy instructions. If you don't have a remote, no worries. The SmartLife app has the same functions as the remote.

Did you know?

You can change the language settings in the app from English to Spanish, Korean, Chinese or French.

  • Relaxation Mode

    When it’s time for you to wake up and make the most of your day let SmartLife’s Relaxation Mode gently ease you out of bed with a gentle wave motion.

  • Body Sensing Technology

    SmartLife features patented body sensing technology that adjusts to your body while you sleep, giving you support and comfort where you need it. This technology continuously monitors the individuals sleep position and automatically adjusts to ensure proper sleep posture and pressure relief. Smartlife’s Smart Cell Technology includes over 80 individual Smart Cells in eight independently controlled zones using thousands of algorithms to give your unique body the support and comfort it needs.

  • Firmer or Softer?

    You can adjust the comfort on both sides of the mattress with a simple tap on your smart device or remote.

Did You Know?

The SmartLife mattresses adjusts to your sleeping positions every 20 mins throughout the night.